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After the previous story (sorry, too long, so it was broken in two parts ). Bill, Terry and I made our way out of the illuminated area of the bar and walked past the parking lot. I asked where we were and Bill said he had to park on the road a bit, because employees had to save parking for customers. Upon leaving, they thought I was embedded in each other well, and I felt very protected, having a bodyguard or something. We zapped a car and Bill gates open. When I climbed in the back, gave me Bill. He leaned against the side of the car and kissed me, turning oldgrannytube the oldgrannytube tongue into my mouth. All these wonderful memories of the night before returning and I almost melted on the spot. It was one of my hands pressed against the cold metal of my car and Terry, so I could not move. Not that I never wanted to be different anyway. All the time, Bill began to kiss me and put your free hand on my dress and rubbed my wet center through my underwear. I could have collapsed with emotion. I could feel the buttons at the top is the dress at the waist and another pair of hands gently my breasts exposed, the air sharp opening night. My sore nipples were not as cold as long as the language began to warm Terry gently flapping around before making a call on his mouth full, his tongue continued to revolve around me. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. He put his free hand in my other breast and started caressing, pinching the nipple between thumb and oldgrannytube forefinger. ' Is this love, right? ' Scraping Bill. I nodded, unable to shoot the sensational feelings through me to express my inner light in the heat of volcanoes. 'I knew you would, that hot shit,' he said. 'I knew a horny bitch like you who appreciate what Terry and I could do for you. ' Then he has his head down to lick and suck on the opposite side yout to Terry. Meanwhile oldgrannytube my breasts squeezed and sucked, Bill sat down to my clit through the oldgrannytube transparent fabric of my panties rub. When I opened my eyes and saw the tip of the gray head sucking my breasts, almost collapsed on the floor. I wanted one of them oldgrannytube just pull my underwear down, but seemed willing to make fun of me in a oldgrannytube frenzy. It worked. Fanny my juices bubbling like a raging river and I do not know if I could take much longer. felt the fingers of one of my immersion in the wet, so my legs a little to further spread the hope that they would pull my pants and get ready. A hand stained my juices all the way down my slit and then back to my ass. At that time I was half mad with need. I wanted to come, but at the same time, I want it to end. Either way, the choice was out of my hands. The pair of them to call all the shots. Fingers and then called Terry was soaking my butt hole tight. I do not know what was going on, but after a faithw pushes gently slid to the right, and I could not believe the incredible feeling of it. At the same time, Bill Finger, finally moved to the edge of my underwear and I was so immersed in my wet pussy, scraping the big toe on my clitoris. I was on the edge, could have cried nearby. I could have been complaining loudly, do not know, I was caught in the moment, but as soon as Bill began urging me to ' come to us,' he said, 'Come on, show us what is a hot dog is, 'It took me over the edge. The sound of his enthusiasm and the construction of the fingers on my clit and my ass, along with Terry continues sucking my tits made ​​me break out the most intense orgasm I ever had. My whole oldgrannytube body was riddled with cramps and could not stop shaking the waves were rippling through me. Bill had told me that I will not slip, not because I feel my legs. Now I know it was GroaPlanning and I have not even care if anyone heard me. I had never cum like in my life, oldgrannytube and I burst into tears with his version of absolute performance. Bill and Terry cradled me close to her while I was crying and did not say anything until I got my breath. ' Sorry,' I said when I finally talk, 'but it was great. ' Bill looked at me and said. 'It's not over yet, love, the night has just begun That was just it. Entrées that have not yet ' Terry interrupted : 'And we too,' he said. I felt my face red. 'Come, come,' said Terry, and opened the back door for me and slid my hand, while Bill got into the driver's seat and turned the key in the oldgrannytube ignition. do not know if anyone is interested, oldgrannytube but Bill was right - it was just the beginning. I will not bore you, but there is still more to say, if anyone is interested...
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